Nature Abstract Art

Colorful Abstract Series

Natural abstract art is unique and different according to changing weather conditions. In the fall when the leaves change colors, I look forward to photographing these colorful mosaic pattern nature abstracts.

Clear sparking water and wind mixes the reflection of fall foliage and creates a beautiful frosted glass effect. I never know what to expect, the colors and designs vary from day to day, and year to year.

Brilliant colors of fall foliage reflecting on the surface of the water create an interesting natural abstract pattern. When the wind blows, colors and patterns change making each of these abstracts beautiful and unique.

Brilliance Abstract Art for Sale“Brilliance” Abstract Art

Watch for Patterns

Colorful waves of blue, green, and yellow come together in a beautiful natural flowing pattern. This image gives me a great sense of calm, just like the day I photographed it while relaxing by our pond.

Sea Breeze Mosaic Abstract Art for Sale“Sea Breeze Mosaic Abstract Art”

All Seasons

This reflection of bright aspen trees on fresh water against a beautiful blue sky was photographed in spring instead of fall.

Reflection Of Aspen Trees Against Blue Sky Art Prints for Sale“Reflection Of Aspen Trees Against Blue Sky”

Mixing Colors

Some of these abstract photographs can be mixed and matched because the colors are similar, but no two are ever exactly alike. Much of the fun for me is inventing fruitful names for them, I call this one “Coral Confetti”.

Coral Confetti Mosaic Abstract Art for Sale“Coral Confetti Mosaic Abstract”

Experimenting with Ideas

Here are a few ideas for making your own abstracts. Look for colorful reflections on any shiny surface, especially water. Watch for emerging patterns depending upon weather and time of day. Experiment, try manual and auto focus, as well as varying shutter speeds. Zoom in close on colors and patterns to isolate a variety of colors with minimal distractions.

If you have trouble seeing something interesting, consider creating a point of interest yourself. For this image I used a fast shutter speed while tossing a pebble in the water.

Good Vibrations Nature Abstract Art for Sale“Good Vibrations Nature Abstract Art”

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities for creating colorful abstract art is endless. It’s fairly easy to do once you teach yourself to see unique photo opportunities. You might even consider photographing abstracts that are more recognizable, like this colorful tree reflection.

Abstract Tree Reflection Art for Sale“Abstract Tree Reflection”

I hope you were inspired by theses colorful images. I look forward to seeing you create some wonderful and unique natural designs of your own!

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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Appreciating the Nature of Details

Macro Photography Details

Do you pay attention to details? One of the things I enjoy most about macro photography and nature abstracts is that it forces me to stop and observe.

This Sedum was growing in my garden. I walked by it a hundred times before I stopped to appreciate it. This beautiful pink sedum nature abstract shows fine intricate details. Sedum is a flowering plant, also known as Spreading Stonecrop.

Abstract Sedum Art Prints for Sale‘Abstract Sedum’

The flower petals within the cluster of a sunflower are usually in a spiral pattern. Geometric perfection, each floret is consecutively angled toward the next, creating a beautiful pattern of spirals. A sunflower contains the most efficient packing of seeds in a flower head. This macro photograph of a giant yellow sunflower center shows fine details of the seed spiral.

Sunflower Abstract Art Prints for Sale‘Sunflower’ Abstract

Often times I find myself noticing a colorful reflection before I notice the flow or nature to a body of water. Here’s a colorful green nature abstract, water reflecting light shows unique patterns and design.

Green Abstract Water Reflection Art Prints for Sale‘Green Abstract Water Reflection’

Autumn is nature’s grand finale with a variety of vivid colors. On this day I took advantage of the fresh fallen leaves to create this palette of natural fall colors.

Colorful Autumn Leaves Art Prints for Sale‘Colorful Autumn Leaves’

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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