Steering Toward Success


While driving in a snow storm one winter, I was thinking about what I would do if my car slid out of control. I reminded myself of the instructions I’ve been told. I should keep my foot off the break, steer in the direction I want to go, and pray! At that moment it occurred to me that this could easily apply to all aspects of my life steering toward success.

I recalled my first photo exhibit when someone asked me how I was able to book space so quickly? The answer was, I just kept calling contacts until I found space to exhibit my work. I kept going where others might have given up. My foot was off the break, I was steering in the direction I wanted to go, and I prayed for help.

I’ve been blessed with the understanding that when I’m on a slippery slope it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Hardships and challenges bring change and growth. I usually grow into a much better person shortly after suffering a painful, frustrating, or uncomfortable experience.

Imagine how boring life would be if we never had to overcome challenges? We would never have the opportunity to grow. So if life ever leads you down a slippery slope, try taking your foot off the break, steer in the direction you want to go, and pray! You might be surprised by your ability to plow through some difficult situations.

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer
Binghamton, New York


Heavenly Light Sunrise Landscape

Fine Art Landscape by Christina Rollo

I’m blessed to have a beautiful view of the nearby forest from our home. I also have the pleasure of viewing a variety of wildlife throughout the seasons. Beyond the trees there’s a pond in the woods where my tree house is located. It’s very much like Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond.

On a damp morning in late summer I awoke to this spectacular sunrise. I watched for about half an hour while beautiful rays of heavenly light danced through the trees. It was very inspiring to watch. It was such a blessing for me to experience this peaceful scenery, I hope you will enjoy it too!

Canvas prints make great art gifts. Browse more fine art landscapes from beautiful central New York and surrounding areas in the Southern Tier and Broome County at

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer
Binghamton, New York

Introducing Customized Greeting Cards

I’m excited to announce that my artworks are now available on custom greeting cards at a new low price! What does this mean for you? Now you can buy my artworks on large 5×7 greeting cards for yourself, your family, and your friends at a new low price of $5.95 per card including envelope, and as low as $3.95 each for packs of 25 or more!

Currently there are three categories to choose from, all occasion blank note cards, thank you cards, and inspirational cards. All of my greeting cards are blank inside for you to customize your own personal message.

Thinking of You Custom Greeting Card
Thinking of You Customized Greeting Card

Check out all my latest greeting cards HERE. Find your perfect card and personalize it with your own message.

Thinking of you from Across the Miles Custom Greeting Card
Thinking of you from Across the Miles Custom Greeting Card

All greeting cards ship within one business day of your order date. Each card comes with a white envelope for gift giving and mailing. Order now and use discount code PZRENM to receive an additional 10% off my regular low price.

Visit my website to shop from my entire collection of fine art. My collection includes superior quality photo prints, canvas, acrylic, framed art and greeting cards. Buy fine art online for home or business, bring a little outdoors in!

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer
Binghamton, New York

Inspirational Poster Series

Inspirational Series

I have been inspired to create a new series of inspirational posters using my photographs and I’m pleased to announce that many of them have already sold!

Positive Thinking

Popular studies conclude that placing inspirational/motivational posters in decisive areas influence positive thinking, and can have behavioral effects. These inspirational posters provide daily reminders to stay focused on your goals, and assist you to achieve success in all of your endeavors.


They are designed to be the perfect addition for any business, school, or home. Here are some of my favorites from the series, I hope they will inspire you too!

Teamwork Inspirational Motivational Poster Art for SaleTeamwork Inspirational Motivational Poster
Excellence Inspirational Motivational Poster Art for SaleExcellence Inspirational Motivational Poster
Faith Inspirational Motivational Poster Art for SaleFaith Inspirational Motivational Poster
Change Inspirational Motivational Poster Art for SaleChange Inspirational Motivational Poster

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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How to Improve Your Photography

One question I’m frequently asked is how to improve photography? My answer is always the same. Get to know your subjects first, then read your camera manual and learn all your settings.

I mentored with a portrait photographer who told me the most important thing he does is to spend time building a relationship with his clients before photographing them. Everything you do to learn about your subjects will greatly improve your photography. I believe the most important thing you can do is spend time observing, whether it be animals in the wild, landscapes, or portrait photography. You have to anticipate the moment before you can capture it.

By observing hummingbirds at our feeders I noticed that they feed, jump off the perch, then return to feed some more. I was able to figure out that if I pre-focus my camera on the feeder, I could easily photograph them in mid-air when they jump off the perch.

Sweet Success Hummingbird Art Prints for Sale Buy Art Prints Online‘Sweet Success’ Hummingbird Art Prints for Sale

Landscape photographers scout several areas at different times of day, and study weather patterns to determine what the best days and times to photograph will be.

Genegantslet Golf Club Art Prints for Sale Buy Art Prints Online
‘Genegantslet Golf Club’ Art Prints for Sale

By learning about the spotted salamander migration, I was able to quickly find and photograph these gigantic salamanders in early spring.

Spotted Salamander Art Prints for Sale Buy Art Prints Online
‘Spotted Salamander’ Art Prints for Sale

One of the best things I did to improve my photography was to join our local Naturalist’s Club. I met lots of people with extensive knowledge on everything from birds to bees, and wildflowers. I had the opportunity to travel with them on field trips and explore many new places. Because of the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ll have a better understanding of what to look for when I take the camera out.

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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Art of Selling

Selling Art Online

Often times I don’t realize how much knowledge and experience I have acquired until I receive your questions and comments regarding nature, photography and the art of selling. Continue reading for answers to the most commonly asked questions I receive, and enjoy a few of my hummingbirds along the way.

Are you selling your photography?

Yes, I’ve been selling my photography for several years now. However, it hasn’t been an easy road. I’ve spent a great deal of time learning, editing, and marketing my work. In addition to many other activities such as social networks, exhibits, photo competitions, etc. All have helped me to present my work to the public and move my photography career forward. I try not to expect too much at one time. When I do a self comparison, it’s usually a comparison of where I was last year, not yesterday or last week.

Simple Pleasure Hummingbird Art Prints for Sale‘Simple Pleasure Hummingbird’ Art Prints for Sale
How much money do you make?

It varies from month to month. Of course sales are a great reward, but some weeks or months, there are no sales. For me, an off week is one of the most frustrating things about the art world. Art collectors do not purchase with regularity and seem to be fickle at times. So much of my time is invested in creating my photographs, it’s tempting to give up during these periods. A positive attitude is extremely important. You must believe in your self and the quality of your work, never stop learning. I always ask myself, what can I do better? I usually come up a long list of things, and begin working on them.

Hummingbird Bullseye Art Prints for Sale‘Hummingbird Bullseye’ Art Prints for Sale
Do you like Fine Art America?

Yes I like Fine Art America. Previous to my print on demand website I was printing, matting, and framing everything myself. I exhibited my work and attended art shows. Not only was this time consuming, but I was left with inventory which I couldn’t find time to sell. Fine Art America is one of the most professional art sites I’ve been involved with. I’ve learned a great deal from the wonderful community of artists who participate and sell their work there.

Sweet Promise Hummingbird Art Prints for Sale‘Sweet Promise Hummingbird’ Art Prints for Sale

The convenience of print on demand makes life easy. Collectors of my work have extensive choices for matting and framing through Fine Art America. I find the print quality to be exceptional, there are many papers and canvases to choose from, colors are long lasting and vibrant. Customer satisfaction is important, and Fine Art America offers a 30-day money back guarantee. They will contact artists if an image ordered doesn’t meet their standard for print quality. This provides me the reassurance I need that any order filled by them meets high quality standards.

Art Of Hummingbird Flight Art Prints for Sale‘Art Of Hummingbird Flight’ Art Prints for Sale
I want to sell my photos, what advice to you have for me?

Each person is different you have to fulfill your own needs. Figure out what you’re comfortable with, read, experiment. What works for one person may not work for another. Try many different things. Learn everything you can about your craft and make consistent efforts to improve, never give up. Accept the realities of the art world, there will be disappointments. Selling doesn’t come easy for everyone, it takes time for people to become familiar with your work. When people are not buying, it doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest, don’t get discouraged.

Tranquil Joy Hummingbird Art Prints for Sale‘Tranquil Joy Hummingbird’ Art Prints for Sale

When things go well, ride the wave! This will be one of the most difficult things you ever do, it’s a true test of perseverance. Very best wishes to all who embark on this journey!

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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Inspiring Artists to Watch

Artistic Excellence

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. ~Louisa May Alcott

The following is a list of photographers and artist who have greatly influenced and inspired me. They have been invaluable to my professional growth. I suggest you check out all of these inspiring artists, and follow them on your social networks. Enjoy your journey!

Copyright Notice: Images and content contained herein are protected by US and International Copyright Law. All Rights Reserved, unauthorized use is prohibited.

Blue Ridge Parkway Light Rays by Dave Allen
Dave Allen, Fine Art Landscape Photographer
Website || Facebook || Flickr || Google+

Ethereal Autumn by Bill Wakeley
Bill Wakeley, Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photographer
Website || Facebook || Google+ || Blog

Snowy Owl on a Rock Pile by John Vose
John Vose, Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photographer
Website || Facebook || Google+ || Flickr

I'm Still Learning To Love by Lili Ana
Shine by Lili Ana, Fine Art Photographer
Website || Facebook || Google+ || Flickr

Sweet Jenny Bursting With Music by Nikki Marie Smith
Nikki Marie Smith, Visual Artist
Website || Blog || Facebook || Google+

Fantasy Skies by Mark Tisdale
Mark Tisdale, Fine Art Travel Photographer
Website || Facebook || Google+

Black Eyed Susans by Ken Powers
Ken Powers, Fine Art Watercolor Artist
Website || Facebook || Google+

Sparks Lane by Joseph Rossbach
Joseph Rossbach, Outdoor & Nature Photographer
Website || Facebook || Google+

Bitterroot Gold by Linda Lantzy
Linda Lantzy, Fine Art Photographer
Website || Facebook || Google+

Point Arena Lighthouse Coastal Bluffs Surf by G Dan Mitchell
G Dan Mitchell, Visual Opportunist & Photographer
Website || Facebook || Flickr || Google+

Beauty Creek by Jay Patel
Jay Patel, Landscape & Nature Photographer
Website || Blog || Facebook || Google+

Winter South Haven Lighthouse by Dean Pennala
Dean Pennala, Nature Photographer
Website || || Fine Art Prints

Morning Cloud Layer Oxbow Bend In Fall Grand Tetons by Dave Welling
Dave Welling, Nature Photographer
Stock Image Website || Fine Art Prints || Facebook || Google+

Patrick Di Fruscia, Landscape Photographer
Website || Facebook || Google+

Windsong by Phil Koch
Phil Koch, Landscape Photographer
Website || Facebook || Google+

This list will continue to grow. Check back often for more inspiring artists and photographers to watch. If you would like to be included in this list, please contact me with a link to your website portfolio for review. I welcome you to follow my progress as well, and hope you have enjoyed your visit.

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer