The Lost Art of Waiting

I found myself waiting in line the other day while a woman behind me complained and the woman in front of me passed the time on her cell phone.  I began contemplating how the art of waiting has been lost in our society today. We expect everything right away and don’t think about the consequences. I wait for things all the time and it’s frustrating because I’ve become spoiled by technology.


I’m old enough to remember film cameras. You could buy a roll of film and take 24 pictures, drop the roll off and wait about two weeks to see if your photos came out.  Goodness we might burst an artery from waiting if we had to do that today! I remember the anticipation of waiting to pick up my film and the excitement of seeing my photographs for the first time.  Back then if I missed a shot the moment had long passed. The opportunity was gone. I couldn’t go back and re-shoot something from two or three weeks ago. All that waiting taught me the value of appreciation.


Did you know that daylilies are called daylilies for a reason? They only bloom for one day. There are lots of flowers like that but we take them for granted. Some flowers wait all year just to have one day under the sun. With good timing, it won’t be raining that day. We don’t perceive the life of a flower to be one day because most people have many flowers and they appear to bloom for weeks.  Now imagine if you only had one daylily and had to wait all year for it to bloom? What if you missed it? How would you feel?

Yellow Daylily Flower Art Prints for Sale
“Yellow Daylily Flower” by Christina Rollo
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The next time you find yourself waiting in line and getting frustrated, for the sake of the person next to you, stop complaining. Think about how long you wait for your favorite season to return and how much you enjoy that time of year. Think about the long 9 months it took for your children to be born, and the excitement you felt during their birth.

Stop to appreciate the moment. It’s in that frustrating moment that you may get a rare chance to clear your mind, enjoy some fond memories and discover new things.

One of the main reasons I enjoy photography so much is because it allows me to preserve special moments that I can look back on for the rest of time. During the cold dark days of winter I can still enjoy and appreciate my colorful flowers.

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer
Binghamton, New York


Art of the Day

Orange Drift Monarch Butterfly is a colorful fall photograph of a beautiful monarch butterfly feeding on red chrysanthemum flowers. This piece is one from my collection of fine art butterflies with rich red and orange autumn colors. Orange Drift Monarch Butterfly will add a splash of bold color to enhance your decor.

This colorful monarch butterfly is designed to mix and match with more butterfly prints. Enjoy a variety of home decor accessories available to compliment this piece. Add decorative throw pillows, or purchase tote bags to give as gifts.

Orange Drift Monarch Butterfly by Christina Rollo
Orange Drift Monarch Butterfly [Buy Now]

Orange Drift Monarch Butterfly prints and accessories make great gifts for nature lovers, butterfly enthusiasts, and art collectors!

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Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer
Binghamton, New York

Photography Tutorial Depth of Field

What is depth of field?

In simple terms it’s the amount of space in your photograph that is in focus. You control depth of field by the angle at which you take your photograph, and by using the aperture priority setting on your camera.

Refer to your manual to determine this setting for your model. Set a low number (f-stop) to isolate your subject, set a high number to capture more detail.

The angle in which you take your photograph will effect depth of field. In this example I used a low number f-stop and was laying on the ground to isolate a single yellow dandelion.

Yellow On Yellow Dandelion Art Prints for Sale‘Yellow On Yellow Dandelion’

Even though I had my f-stop set at a low number (f/8), dandelions grow at about the same height. If I stood over them and pointed my camera down when I took the picture, all of the dandelions would have been in focus like the Bluet flowers in this photograph.

Dancing Bluet Flowers Art Prints for Sale‘Dancing Bluet Flowers’

I was able to get extremely close to this Black-Capped Chickadee because they land on a railing right outside my window. Here’s another example of how I isolated my subject by photographing it at eye-level.

White Winter Chickadee Art Prints for Sale‘White Winter Chickadee’

If I had pointed my camera up and taken a photo of this bird in a tree, the tree branches would also be in focus distracting from the main subject, like this goldfinch perched on a branch.

Wild Birds American Goldfinch Art Prints for Sale‘Wild Birds – American Goldfinch’

For landscapes with more detail, set your f-stop to a higher number somewhere between f/11 and f/32. You will need to use a tripod since the f-stop setting will cause your shutter speed to be considerably slower. Because of the high number aperture setting (f/16) and slow shutter speed (.8 sec.) this waterfall appears milky white.

Serenity Waterfalls Landscape Art Prints for Sale‘Serenity Waterfalls Landscape’


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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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Macro Photography Insects

How to Photograph Beautiful Insects Close up

With a little bit of patience macro photography can be fun! Most pollinating insects are too busy to notice me getting close to them. I usually pick a flower, pre-focus and wait for bugs to come to it. When following insects such as butterflies, I never cast my shadow over them because they’ll fly away. Point and shoot cameras are perfect for photographing insects close-up. Look for the macro setting (usually a flower symbol) on your camera.

Colorful macro photograph close up of a Honey Bee (Apis), and red chrysanthemum flower with bright yellow center.

Honey Bee And Chrysanthemum Macro Photography Art Prints for Sale
‘Honey Bee And Chrysanthemum’

Macro photograph showing fine detail of a Red-Tailed Bumble (Bombus lapidarius), on pink and red chrysanthemum flowers with bright yellow centers, against green background. Red-tailed Bumble Bees seem few and far between so seeing one is always a treat!

Red Tailed Bumble Bee Macro Photography Art Prints for Sale
‘Red-Tailed Bumble Bee On Chrysanthemum’

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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Sepia Series of Nature Art

Black and White Nature Sepia Series of Art

I recently finished a new sepia series of nature art. Here are three pieces from the collection of six. Enjoy the entire series of Sepia Nature Art from my interior designs gallery.

Sepia Flowers Art Prints for Sale
‘Sepia Flowers’ Art Prints for Sale
Sepia Plant Spiral Art Prints for Sale
‘Sepia Plant Spiral’ Art Prints for Sale
Sepia Dandelions Art Prints for Sale
‘Sepia Dandelions’ Art Prints for Sale

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

Appreciating the Nature of Details

Macro Photography Details

Do you pay attention to details? One of the things I enjoy most about macro photography and nature abstracts is that it forces me to stop and observe.

This Sedum was growing in my garden. I walked by it a hundred times before I stopped to appreciate it. This beautiful pink sedum nature abstract shows fine intricate details. Sedum is a flowering plant, also known as Spreading Stonecrop.

Abstract Sedum Art Prints for Sale‘Abstract Sedum’

The flower petals within the cluster of a sunflower are usually in a spiral pattern. Geometric perfection, each floret is consecutively angled toward the next, creating a beautiful pattern of spirals. A sunflower contains the most efficient packing of seeds in a flower head. This macro photograph of a giant yellow sunflower center shows fine details of the seed spiral.

Sunflower Abstract Art Prints for Sale‘Sunflower’ Abstract

Often times I find myself noticing a colorful reflection before I notice the flow or nature to a body of water. Here’s a colorful green nature abstract, water reflecting light shows unique patterns and design.

Green Abstract Water Reflection Art Prints for Sale‘Green Abstract Water Reflection’

Autumn is nature’s grand finale with a variety of vivid colors. On this day I took advantage of the fresh fallen leaves to create this palette of natural fall colors.

Colorful Autumn Leaves Art Prints for Sale‘Colorful Autumn Leaves’

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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Four Seasons of Natural Beauty

Seasonal Art Series

This series of nature squares was created as a constant reminder of everything our changing seasons have to offer. Their colorful natural beauty can be enjoyed indoors at any time of year!

All four seasons of birds including a male Northern Cardinal perched on a branch against blue sky in spring. A male White-Throated Sparrow on green grass with yellow dandelion flowers in summer. Cute Red-Breasted Nuthatch, a common visitor to backyard bird feeders in fall, and a beautiful Mourning Dove on a snow covered pine branch in winter.

‘Four Seasons Birds Square’

All four season nature collage includes a fresh colorful Pussy Willows in early spring, a bunch of colorful berries against a bright green background in summer, a pair of delicious red apples hanging from a tree in fall, and red stems with white frost on a beautiful frozen dogwood viburnum in winter.

‘Four Seasons Plants Square’

All four season nature collage includes a young green fern unfolding in early spring against green background, a trio of bright English Daisy flowers in summer, a red maple leaf floating on water in fall, and beautiful snow covered pine trees in winter.

‘Four Seasons Nature Square’

From top left to bottom right, tree bark, coneflower orange and red center, frost, dewy spider web against green background, rain drops on pond, green flowering raspberry leaf, colorful layers of slate rock, yellow sunflower center, pink and white stonecrop flower.

‘Nature Patterns And Textures Square’

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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