Save the World Plant a Tree

Leave a Lasting Impact

Each year hundreds of trees are cut to clear power lines, install fuel lines, or to build roads, homes, and shopping malls. In addition, stronger storms around the world can devastate trees and forests. One of the most positive and lasting impacts we can make on earth is to plant a tree! Trees are vital to our existence as well as provide food and shelter for wildlife. It’s never too early to think about planting your next tree.

Consider Species

There are several things to consider when planting trees. Now is the time to start thinking about them. Consider your landscape. Trees which bear fruit are generally small and will attract wildlife. If you plant a fruiting tree close to your home expect to have plenty of frequent visitors. Some trees grow large providing shelter to animals from wind and rain. A large tree near your home helps to cool it in the summer. Consider the roots on a large tree before planting near your home. Roots can shoot out as far or farther than the canopy of a tree. Roots may grow into sewer lines and over time crack blacktop and concrete. Be sure to give your large tree plenty of room to grow. So think carefully about which type of tree you might like to plant this spring.

Earth Day

The best time to plant trees is in the spring after the ground thaws. Many communities have festivities centered around Earth Day and Arbor Day. Check your local area, some organizations hold tree give-aways encouraging people to plant native species.

Every year in Binghamton New York the Broome County Soil & Water Department holds a sale of mostly native plants and trees for a low cost. The Spring Tree Order Form and Descriptions are available online now! Trees are sold in groups of 10 for as little as $18.00. Make a commitment to plant ten trees, or at least plant one and give the rest away. Everyone enjoys receiving a lasting gift. What better gift to give than a gift of life, which grows stronger over time and benefits us all!

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer
Binghamton, New York

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