The Lost Art of Waiting

I found myself waiting in line the other day while a woman behind me complained and the woman in front of me passed the time on her cell phone.  I began contemplating how the art of waiting has been lost in our society today. We expect everything right away and don’t think about the consequences. I wait for things all the time and it’s frustrating because I’ve become spoiled by technology.


I’m old enough to remember film cameras. You could buy a roll of film and take 24 pictures, drop the roll off and wait about two weeks to see if your photos came out.  Goodness we might burst an artery from waiting if we had to do that today! I remember the anticipation of waiting to pick up my film and the excitement of seeing my photographs for the first time.  Back then if I missed a shot the moment had long passed. The opportunity was gone. I couldn’t go back and re-shoot something from two or three weeks ago. All that waiting taught me the value of appreciation.


Did you know that daylilies are called daylilies for a reason? They only bloom for one day. There are lots of flowers like that but we take them for granted. Some flowers wait all year just to have one day under the sun. With good timing, it won’t be raining that day. We don’t perceive the life of a flower to be one day because most people have many flowers and they appear to bloom for weeks.  Now imagine if you only had one daylily and had to wait all year for it to bloom? What if you missed it? How would you feel?

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The next time you find yourself waiting in line and getting frustrated, for the sake of the person next to you, stop complaining. Think about how long you wait for your favorite season to return and how much you enjoy that time of year. Think about the long 9 months it took for your children to be born, and the excitement you felt during their birth.

Stop to appreciate the moment. It’s in that frustrating moment that you may get a rare chance to clear your mind, enjoy some fond memories and discover new things.

One of the main reasons I enjoy photography so much is because it allows me to preserve special moments that I can look back on for the rest of time. During the cold dark days of winter I can still enjoy and appreciate my colorful flowers.

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer
Binghamton, New York