Beautiful Bridges Of Binghamton New York

The Bridge Walk

I never know what I’ll photograph when I wake up in the morning, I follow my heart and whatever mood strikes me. On one of the last hot days in fall, I decided to photograph some of the numerous bridges in my hometown of Binghamton New York.

I began at the location of the old Rock Bottom bridge which isn’t there anymore, and enjoyed a nice long walk from the south side of Binghamton all the way to downtown.

The city of Binghamton is located where two rivers meet in the middle of a long narrow valley. The north branch of the Susquehanna river runs through downtown. From downtown the Chenango river feeds into the Susquehanna river, and eleven bridges cross the rivers within our city.

Here’s a beautiful view of the Exchange St. Bridge and Rock Bottom dam with colorful fall foliage along the Susquehanna river.

Exchange St Bridge Rock Bottom Dam Binghamton NY
‘Exchange St. Bridge Rock Bottom Dam Binghamton NY’

This is the State St. Bridge which crosses over the Susquehanna river and enters the city from the south side of town.

Bridge To The City Binghamton New York
‘Bridge To The City Binghamton New York’

Here’s a scenic view of the South Washington St. Bridge with fall foliage along the Susquehanna river in downtown Binghamton, New York.

Binghamton NY South Washington St Bridge
‘Binghamton NY South Washington St Bridge’

The South Washington Street Bridge is a historic lenticular truss bridge. Constructed in 1866, this bridge connects the Binghamton’s south side to downtown. The bridge was closed to vehicle traffic in 1969, but remains open to pedestrians.

Historic South Washington St Bridge Binghamton NY
‘Historic South Washington St. Bridge Binghamton NY’

Colorful autumn reflection on the Susquehanna river near the Memorial St. Bridge which connects downtown to the west side of Binghamton.

Memorial St Bridge Binghamton NY
‘Memorial St. Bridge Binghamton NY’

Confluence Park is located in downtown Binghamton New York at the South Washington St. Bridge, where the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers meet. This scenic walkway will lead you through the city, east along the Chenango River.

Confluence Park Binghamton NY River Trail
‘Confluence Park Binghamton NY River Trail’

Finally, a scenic view of fall colors on the hillside at Prospect Mountain with the Court St. Bridge and Chenango river from downtown Binghamton New York.

Clinton St Bridge Prospect Mountain Binghamton NY
‘Clinton St. Bridge Prospect Mountain Binghamton NY’

I hope you enjoyed your walk with me through my hometown!

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
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