Northern Cardinal Facts

The male Northern Cardinal is always the first bird to visit our feeder in the morning and the last bird to visit at night.

The Northern Cardinal is a medium sized North American songbird, common to backyard feeders. The male Cardinal is one of the most beautiful year-round birds we have in the Northeastern United States. He is especially charming with his bright red feathers, black face mask, and distinct crest on top of his head. Cardinal pairs mate for life and stay together all year. During courtship, males can be observed feeding seeds to their mate.

Here’s a beautiful male Northern Cardinal with bright red feathers sitting in snow covered pines. The male’s bright red plumage against a dismal gray or white landscape makes them a favorite species of winter birds.

Red Cardinal Art Prints for SaleMale Northern Cardinal, ‘Red Cardinal’

The female Cardinal is equally charming with an orange crest on top of her head, but her color is a dull buff brown. This female is the center of attention perched on a pine branch against a beige background.

Winter Cardinal Art Prints for SaleFemale Northern Cardinal, ‘Winter Cardinal’

Northern Cardinals can be found in brushy areas, thickets, woodland edges, and suburban yards throughout the eastern United States. Their range has been expanding north for decades as a result of backyard bird feeders, which makes it possible for these beautiful birds to endure our harsh northern winter.  Males are territorial and mark their territory with song. Nests are built in dense shrubs or small trees between 1 and 15 feet above ground. They are made from twigs, bark strips, vines, leaves, rootlets, and paper lined with grass and hair.

Northern Cardinal Art Prints for Sale‘Northern Cardinal’

The Northern Cardinal is the state bird, of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia in the US.

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