Persistence The Key To Success

A Little Bird Told Me

Persistence the Key to Success – A little House Wren has single handedly chased every other nesting bird off our property. It seems every year there is one animal that wreaks havoc on our yard despite the fact that I spend hours, days, months and even years trying to create a nice little habitat for them out there. Ohhh why can’t everyone get along? Some years it’s deer, raccoons, squirrels, or chipmunks and I expect them to misbehave but this is my first experience with a wren.

It was partly my fault because I failed to read the directions when I erected a bluebird house a few years ago. Sure enough, when I bought two more bluebird houses this year there it was right there in the installation guidelines. “For bluebirds mount box away from shrubbery and tree lines to discourage house wrens from competing for the house”.

Who knew we needed “installation guidelines” for a bird house? I didn’t, I thought I knew what I was doing until our bluebirds went away and I found three of their eggs laying on the ground with holes poked in them.

Wild Birds House Wren Art Prints for Sale‘Wild Birds House Wren’

So after emptying sticks out of that box for two weeks straight every day, sometimes three or four times a day, I thought I finally got smart. I spent all day yesterday moving birdhouses around. Well we might want to take lessons on persistence from the wren. Maybe we’d learn how to get everything we want in life? Even though the nest box is now sitting in the middle of our yard right out in the open, that little stinker was back bright and early this morning to fill it with sticks. And to add insult to injury, she stood proudly on the top of the box singing his victory song!! So there you have it, I’ve been completely outsmarted by a a little brown wren, and I don’t think I can ever forget the sound of his song.

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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