Photography Tutorial Depth of Field

What is depth of field?

In simple terms it’s the amount of space in your photograph that is in focus. You control depth of field by the angle at which you take your photograph, and by using the aperture priority setting on your camera.

Refer to your manual to determine this setting for your model. Set a low number (f-stop) to isolate your subject, set a high number to capture more detail.

The angle in which you take your photograph will effect depth of field. In this example I used a low number f-stop and was laying on the ground to isolate a single yellow dandelion.

Yellow On Yellow Dandelion Art Prints for Sale‘Yellow On Yellow Dandelion’

Even though I had my f-stop set at a low number (f/8), dandelions grow at about the same height. If I stood over them and pointed my camera down when I took the picture, all of the dandelions would have been in focus like the Bluet flowers in this photograph.

Dancing Bluet Flowers Art Prints for Sale‘Dancing Bluet Flowers’

I was able to get extremely close to this Black-Capped Chickadee because they land on a railing right outside my window. Here’s another example of how I isolated my subject by photographing it at eye-level.

White Winter Chickadee Art Prints for Sale‘White Winter Chickadee’

If I had pointed my camera up and taken a photo of this bird in a tree, the tree branches would also be in focus distracting from the main subject, like this goldfinch perched on a branch.

Wild Birds American Goldfinch Art Prints for Sale‘Wild Birds – American Goldfinch’

For landscapes with more detail, set your f-stop to a higher number somewhere between f/11 and f/32. You will need to use a tripod since the f-stop setting will cause your shutter speed to be considerably slower. Because of the high number aperture setting (f/16) and slow shutter speed (.8 sec.) this waterfall appears milky white.

Serenity Waterfalls Landscape Art Prints for Sale‘Serenity Waterfalls Landscape’


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