Macro Photography Insects

How to Photograph Beautiful Insects Close up

With a little bit of patience macro photography can be fun! Most pollinating insects are too busy to notice me getting close to them. I usually pick a flower, pre-focus and wait for bugs to come to it. When following insects such as butterflies, I never cast my shadow over them because they’ll fly away. Point and shoot cameras are perfect for photographing insects close-up. Look for the macro setting (usually a flower symbol) on your camera.

Colorful macro photograph close up of a Honey Bee (Apis), and red chrysanthemum flower with bright yellow center.

Honey Bee And Chrysanthemum Macro Photography Art Prints for Sale
‘Honey Bee And Chrysanthemum’

Macro photograph showing fine detail of a Red-Tailed Bumble (Bombus lapidarius), on pink and red chrysanthemum flowers with bright yellow centers, against green background. Red-tailed Bumble Bees seem few and far between so seeing one is always a treat!

Red Tailed Bumble Bee Macro Photography Art Prints for Sale
‘Red-Tailed Bumble Bee On Chrysanthemum’

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