Appreciating the Nature of Details

Macro Photography Details

Do you pay attention to details? One of the things I enjoy most about macro photography and nature abstracts is that it forces me to stop and observe.

This Sedum was growing in my garden. I walked by it a hundred times before I stopped to appreciate it. This beautiful pink sedum nature abstract shows fine intricate details. Sedum is a flowering plant, also known as Spreading Stonecrop.

Abstract Sedum Art Prints for Sale‘Abstract Sedum’

The flower petals within the cluster of a sunflower are usually in a spiral pattern. Geometric perfection, each floret is consecutively angled toward the next, creating a beautiful pattern of spirals. A sunflower contains the most efficient packing of seeds in a flower head. This macro photograph of a giant yellow sunflower center shows fine details of the seed spiral.

Sunflower Abstract Art Prints for Sale‘Sunflower’ Abstract

Often times I find myself noticing a colorful reflection before I notice the flow or nature to a body of water. Here’s a colorful green nature abstract, water reflecting light shows unique patterns and design.

Green Abstract Water Reflection Art Prints for Sale‘Green Abstract Water Reflection’

Autumn is nature’s grand finale with a variety of vivid colors. On this day I took advantage of the fresh fallen leaves to create this palette of natural fall colors.

Colorful Autumn Leaves Art Prints for Sale‘Colorful Autumn Leaves’

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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