Four Seasons of Natural Beauty

Seasonal Art Series

This series of nature squares was created as a constant reminder of everything our changing seasons have to offer. Their colorful natural beauty can be enjoyed indoors at any time of year!

All four seasons of birds including a male Northern Cardinal perched on a branch against blue sky in spring. A male White-Throated Sparrow on green grass with yellow dandelion flowers in summer. Cute Red-Breasted Nuthatch, a common visitor to backyard bird feeders in fall, and a beautiful Mourning Dove on a snow covered pine branch in winter.

‘Four Seasons Birds Square’

All four season nature collage includes a fresh colorful Pussy Willows in early spring, a bunch of colorful berries against a bright green background in summer, a pair of delicious red apples hanging from a tree in fall, and red stems with white frost on a beautiful frozen dogwood viburnum in winter.

‘Four Seasons Plants Square’

All four season nature collage includes a young green fern unfolding in early spring against green background, a trio of bright English Daisy flowers in summer, a red maple leaf floating on water in fall, and beautiful snow covered pine trees in winter.

‘Four Seasons Nature Square’

From top left to bottom right, tree bark, coneflower orange and red center, frost, dewy spider web against green background, rain drops on pond, green flowering raspberry leaf, colorful layers of slate rock, yellow sunflower center, pink and white stonecrop flower.

‘Nature Patterns And Textures Square’

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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