Butterfly Twins Photo Art by Christina Rollo

Butterfly Twins

While I was working in the yard on a warm summer day, I noticed lots of butterflies flying around a patch of coneflowers in our garden. It looked like a great opportunity to get my camera and take a break from my yard work. Being a ‘fair weather photographer’, it had been a while since I used my camera. As I began to photograph the butterflies I became frustrated. The shots weren’t turning out as I expected.

I sat for about an hour and took a total of 30 photographs. I captured what I thought were a few good shots of the Fritillary butterflies. I was happy with only one shot from the series, but decided to post a few of the photos to my image gallery anyway.

Two orange Fritillary Butterflies feeding on pink Zinnia flower against green background. Two Rivers Photography, competition winner.

Butterfly Twins Art Prints for Sale
‘Butterfly Twins’ by Christina Rollo

It didn’t take long for ‘Butterfly Twins’, two Fritillary butterflies on top of a coneflower, to gain attention and win a photography competition. I quickly realized I had been taking these beautiful butterflies for granted. It’s not unusual for me to see two or three butterflies on a flower. The coneflowers I planted several years ago have spread. They are one of the most productive plants in our garden, attracting all kinds of insects and butterflies.

From this experience I learned it’s a good idea to show some images I’m not entirely pleased with. I welcome feedback and I’m always grateful to hear your thoughts about my images. It’s been an important part of the learning process as I continue to study and photograph various subjects in nature. Come and enjoy my entire collection of fine art photography at www.rollosphotos.com.

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Walk softly, let nature be your guide…

Christina Rollo
Fine Art Photographer

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