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Golden Retriever Puppy

When we drove from central NY all the way to Columbus OH to adopt this little puppy I had no idea what a wonderful addition to our family he would be. Golden’s have one of the best temperaments. They are friendly, loving, reliable, confident, and intelligent. If you are considering a new pet, check your local shelters first. There are lots of loving dogs in need. Adorable Golden Retriever puppy sitting in green grass looking over his shoulder, after exploring his new environment for the first time.

Puppy Love Golden Retriever Art Prints for Sale‘Puppy Love’ Golden Retriever Puppy Art Prints for Sale

His gentle loving eyes, cute button nose, and curious nature won me over immediately. This puppy was rescued from a high-kill shelter. I was eager to adopt him and provide a loving home. Adopting any pet requires a long-term commitment, a decision which should be considered carefully.

Curious Golden Retriever Pup Art Prints for Sale‘Curious Golden Retriever Pup’ Art Prints for Sale

The Golden Retriever is always eager to please, like posing for this photograph. Dogs are social animals who will enjoy your companionship, and make wonderful friends. The soft fuzzy coat of this breed makes them one of the best dogs to snuggle up to.

Frosty Mug Golden Retriever Art Prints for Sale‘Frosty Mug’ Golden Retriever Art Prints for Sale

Golden Retriever coats are light golden to dark golden in color. Their topcoat is water-resistant and slightly wavy, the undercoat is soft and keeping the retriever cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wishful Thinking Golden Retriever Art Prints for Sale‘Wishful Thinking’ Golden Retriever Digital Painting Art Prints for Sale


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