Create Seamless Patterns with Photoshop

How to Create Seamless Patterns with Photoshop

I was surprised when I learned how easy it was to create seamless patterns with Photoshop. It was so easy I started a new series of pattern art which is now available from my shop! Continue reading, you’re only 5 steps away from making your own seamless patterns.

Step 1. Create a new square file in Photoshop. To make it easy, start with square that is 1000 pixels wide, 1000 pixels high, with ‘resolution’ 72 and ‘background contents’ transparent if you plan to add your pattern on a variety of colored items such as clothing.


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Step 2. Using paint or shapes add decorative items to your square keeping everything centered in the middle. Add a variety of elements and remember to point some of your items in opposite directions. When your done flatten your layers.

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Floral Square

Step 3. From the main menu go to ‘filter’, ‘other’, then ‘offset’. Always set ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ to half the size of your original square file. In this case we need it set at 500 and 500, select ‘wrap around’ and click OK. Now your image will be inside out so all the outside edges match. You can add a layer and use more elements to fill any remaining space in the middle of your pattern. When done, merge your layers. Now you’re ready to create your pattern.

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Floral Art Pattern

Step 4. Go to ‘edit’, ‘define pattern’ and give your pattern a name. Then create a new file any size you like to fill with your pattern.

Step 5. From the menu select ‘edit’, ‘fill’, ‘use pattern’, and click ‘custom pattern’. You should see your new pattern at the end, select it and click OK.

Now you can add additional layers to fill background colors and texture to your final image. From here the possibilities are endless!

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Why make seamless patterns? Because seamless patterns can be applied to a variety of products creating elegant sets of matching home decor!


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